franklin Vagnone

Bathroom – An Archive of Waste


This piece is metaphor and talisman for the morning routine, conceptualized and observable; triggers, pattern, ritual and self-imposed periphery.   It seems we judge our souls by some RANDOM mathematical equation whose sum repeats.   So, in fact, it appears rational but is completely irrational and we keep forcing our actions into the formula to make ourselves = RIGHT even though we can never reach a resting place.
(0 x 1) = 0
Every day begins with a clean slate.  Or does it?  The endless looped tape, playing to our internal audience of one, endlessly rehashes our failings, fears and condemnatory self-analysis.

Every morning the man wakes up from a  (zero)-ROOM and goes to the (one)-ROOM. 
The first thing he does — before anything — is look at himself in the mirror.  Previous mornings are scratched into the glass. The light is always on.  It’s never dark.

Opening the cabinet, the diagram scored on the surface of the mirror is illuminated by the light shining through it.  The diagram traces the compartments of the cabinet, the rooms of the mind, the process of judgment

At that moment, the voices start.

. (1 + 2 + 3) = 6
“Your bad”  (the first) is the thing they announce every morning.
“You disgust me ( the second)-
“You’re an embarrassment  [the third)”.

The room of the Will
The room of the Intellect
The room of Judgment

Bottom left is the compartment of the Will; that which he loves; that which he desires.
Bottom right is the compartment of the Intellect; reason, endless argument, debate. The room is filled with sheets of paper. Books; copied, erased, spliced, overlapped, footnoted,  The walls are covered in confusion, anger, and fear.  There always seems to be enough room for another page of text.
The room of judgment is the largest — the top portion of the compartment interior.  Empty but for a scale; calibrated by a feather, informed by Intellect, driven by Will.  The scale measures everything with 21 hatch marks.
21 hatches.
(3 x 7 = 21).
Three rooms and seven states of  reformation = 21 hatches

It’s always the same.
(0 x 1) + (1 + 2 +3) / (3 x 7) =   .2857142857142857142

The  man closes the box.
Looks at himself in the mirror and turns away.
He leaves (one) and goes back into (zero)
(1 x 0) = 0

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